What Was The OECD Thinking

What Was The OECD Thinking The OECD recently blacklisted another group of countries for their Economic Citizenship Programs. L. Burke Files authored an article on his short analysis of the OECD's intent only to … Read More

Danske Bank – Newsweek

L. Burke Files was quoted in a story on Danske Bank in Newsweek Link to the story https://www.newsweek.com/danske-bank-whistleblower-will-give-department-justice-information-massive-1194112 Link to PDF version. … Read More

Crypto Pump and Dump

Crypto Pump and Dump A quote in an excellent article on Pum and Dump schemes. https://www.financemagnates.com/cryptocurrency/news/dirty-money-look-inside-crypto-pump-dump-schemes/ In pdf … Read More

An update on Jamie Laiaddee

In 2010 Mr. Files was asked as a favor to look for Jamie Laisddee who had left Phoenix for a job interview in Denver. Jamie never did make it to Denver and her remains were only recently discovered. He are links to … Read More

The Ciprani Five

The Ciprani Five This is the story of 5 entrepreneur friends in London that all died rather abruptly. The center point and last man to die was Scot Young. Some of my comments on Scot Young and his business dealings … Read More

Understanding Information

Understanding Information Financial structures and transactions leave clues much like a deer walking through a forest. One needs the experienced eye of a tracker to understand both the animal and the trail. When no … Read More

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