Empowering better decisions,

through better information. FE&E provides unrivaled care, experiences, and passion to ensure your business’ success. Our expertise is a unique combination of global due diligence, investigations, and problem-solving to ensure you the best chances at success. In other words, we solve problems that no one else can.


We find answers and information that the other “experts” could not.

Innovation, flexibility, and understanding of a global marketplace are key. But what is really powerful is both knowing global marketplaces and having extensive networks with local feet on the ground. That ensures the best information, in a timely manner.


We know that the trying to leverage the same solution for the same problem for all circumstances is – well silly. Solutions differ between regions, cultures, industries, available technology, managerial skills sets, need we go on? Solutions must be appropriate to all of the opportunities and constraints of the problem’s environments. It is what we call appropriate solutions – not “the solution” as there is no such thing.

More than just solutions, we believe results matter not answers and that great service is key to making everything come together. Through this obsession with great service, we consider it our responsibility to constantly remind the world what great service means. Our clients know the feeling of being cared for and know we know how to deliver success.


For complex investigations resulting from; insurance claims, fraud, intellectual property, and commercial litigation we are here to support your information needs/ We have assisted clients with investigations in over 130 countries.

Business Consulting:

The idea consultant trait is that of being a good listener and a possessing deep expertise in the desired field. No consultant has all of the answers to all of the problems but in their field they must be insightful and a top problem solver who can be deployed to support the client.

Risk Management:

Ships were not built to sit in the harbor. They were built to assume risks. Assuming risks you know about and are comfortable with is one thing, but assuming unknown risks is not. We work with our clients to find all risk from elephants to termites and work with out client to devise risk management choices.

Due Diligence:

It is about knowing whom is the fox and who is the hare, and it is often a surprise to both. Due diligence is about making fully informed decisions not from paper trails but from facts. We help you discernment the paper facts from the real facts.