More Expertise

We bring proven talent to address your problems. 80% of our contract hours with a client is with professionals with over 25 years of experience. The big firms 80% of the contract hours with clients is by juniors.

Solve it right the first time.

That is our motto, and goal with every client. FE&E for more than 30 years has been putting clients first, and finding solutions to problems no one else could.


Our teams unique composition, and experience empowers us to solve your goals with unparalleled levels of efficiency and effectiveness.


Our global network means we have resources and solutions in more countries than almost anyone else out there. And our team has worked, operated, and solved problems globally. From investigations to working with governments to form laws, our team gets international.


Checklists lead to problems, thats why we throw out the traditional ones. All of our processes and solutions are custom to your situation and your needs.


Our team is a unique blend of expertise, skills, and passion.

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