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L. Burke Files DDP CACM, President

Mr. Files is the head of an international investigative firm specializing in asset recovery, due diligence, anti money laundering and intellectual property matters. Prior to this Mr. Files was a partner in a regional consulting firm specializing in business, financial and securities consulting and served as the Director of Corporate Finance for an investment banking company.

Mr. Files is the Practice Section leader on due diligence, asset recovery and intellectual property investigations.  As a financial industry insider he is keenly aware of the type, and accuracy of the information required to make informed and timely decisions. Mr. Files has been the case manager on fraud investigations ranging from ten of thousands of dollars to over 3 billion.   Mr. Files is an international expert on due diligence and is regularly sought out for those cases that bedevil the desktop practioners. Using both conventional and unconventional techniques he works with counsel and clients unraveling the money trail finding assets for recovery. The practice section for all companies understanding the future is Intellectual Property and Critical Information or IPCI.  Mr. Files has been at the forefront of both understanding the new currency of IPCI and investigating and dealing with infringers.

Mr. Files is a published author of five books, in particular “Due Diligence for the Financial Professional, 2nd edition 2010” winner of two book awards,  and “Money and Budgets”. He is also the author of several studies and white papers, and numerous articles. He has been quoted in many publications both domestic and international.  A reasonably complete collection of these quotes, appearances and articles written can be found at: Mr. Files is highly sought out international speaker on these subject matters.

Thomas E Nollner, CFCS, CFE, CAMS

Chicago, Illinois USA

Mr. Nollner received his BBA from the University of Georgia and his MBS from the University of Texas. He is a Commissioned National Bank Examiner, a Certified Financial Crimes Specialist, a Certified Fraud Examiner, and a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist.

Mr. Nollner retired from the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency in September 2008 after having spent thirty years as a National Bank Examiner. During his career he examined community, mid-sized, and large multi-national banks for safety & soundness issues, and compliance issues. The last 15 years of his career he was a BSA/AML/OFAC & USA PATRIOT Act specialist. As a BSA specialist, Mr. Nollner examined the BSA programs and processes of banks of all sizes to ensure that they had policies and procedures in place to ensure compliance with BSA Laws, Regulations, and international standards.

Mr. Nollner has worked in various countries, to include Afghanistan, Iraq, Honduras, Kosovo, and Mexico assisting these countries as they develop AML Laws and Regulations. In addition, he has mentored the AML regulatory staff of these countries in the development of AML regulatory programs, procedures, and processes.   This included providing training to the regulatory staff, developing AML regulatory examination procedures, assisting in training the staff of the local financial institutions, and providing onsite mentoring during actual AML examinations. The onsite mentoring involved providing background information related to AML issues such as KYC, CDD/EDD, the risk rating processes, the suspicious activity process and PEP issues. Mr. Nollner has been engaged as a BSA expert witness by several law firms, in New York City, Washington DC, and Richmond VA. Mr. Nollner has worked on several BSA “look back” assignments and her has worked on several AML reviews of banks under enforcement actions published by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and the New York State Department of Financial Services.

Mr. Nollner has published several articles related to BSA issues. He published an article on the Association of Certified Financial Crimes Specialist’s Website titled, “Handwriting is on the way, Beneficial Owner requirements are on the Horizon”, and he has published several articles for the Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist’s Journal; one titled “Internal Controls and their use to deter Money Laundering”, and another article titled “The Regulators Role in BSA/AML Supervision”.

Languages – English Proficient


Amman, Jordan and Doha, Qatar

He graduated from Pittsburg State University, KS-USA in December, 2000 with distinction holding MBA and majoring in accounting. He passed the CPA exam in California in May 2001 with distinguished scores. In addition, he is a certified fraud examiner (CFE), certified internal controls auditor (CICA), and certified anti-corruption manager (CACM).

He has more than 23 years of experience in the fields specializing in internal control, anti-fraud and corruption, corruption risk management and fraud and corruption examination.

As he is a frequent speaker at anti-corruption related conferences in the Middle East and Africa, his core research and advisory is directly related to internal control and corruption prevention.

Currently, he serves as The AACI’s technical advisory director in the Middle East and Africa and leads The AACI academic initiatives in region. He also serves as a member of the ACFE Advisory Council. Mr. Masoud also serves as an adjunct professor at several universities.

He is a member of the following American professional institutions: American Institute of CPAs (AICPA), Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), The American Anti-Corruption Institute (AACI)

Languages, Arabic and English proficient, Italian, conversational

Michael JW White

London, United Kingdom

Michael (Mike) is a London based security and risk management consultant who has worked in the UK private security industry for 15 years following periods in defence electronics and local government. Mike has extensive security experience gained through working in a wide range of sectors at strategic Board level and encompassing elements of the UK critical national infrastructure including power stations, electrical supply generator national control rooms and The London Stock Exchange.

Mike’s degree is in Security and Risk Management from the University of Leicester and he has a Certificate in Terrorism Studies from the Handa Centre for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence at the University of St Andrews.

He is the current Chairman of the International Professional Association based in the UK and is a regular speaker on security related matters at conferences and exhibitions in the UK, the Middle East and Europe. Mike has also contributed numerous articles for security publications and blogs.

He is a Liveryman in the Worshipful Company of Security Professionals, a Freeman of the City of London and a member of the Security Regulatory Alliance, a body established in 2011 to lobby the UK Government on security regulatory reform issues. He is a Trustee/Director of an education charity in South West London and of the Worshipful Company of Security Professionals Charitable Trust having served as a member of the Prince’s Trust in the past. Mike is a sitting member of the British Standards Institute committee co-authoring a new national standard for Strategic Security Management and has sat as a member of “Expert Working Groups” reviewing and developing National Occupational Standards for security and loss prevention, security management, physical security and CCTV operations.

Languages – English, Proficient

Matei G Alexandru Lt. Col Ret.

Bucharest, Romania

Lt. Col Ret Alexandru is a graduate of Higher Military School for Active Officers of the Ministry of Domestic Affairs; Arm – Intelligence and served for 18 years in the Romanian Intelligence Services in their Anti-Terrorist Brigade. During this time he also worked with the Lawyer Office investigating civil, criminal and commercial cases.

Prior to this he served in the Romanian Board Guard Services.

Alexandru specializes in the investigations and documentation of frauds by employees and clients of multinationals with headquarters in Romania or abroad. He has worked several maters on enhanced due diligence on the backgrounds of person for banks, financial institutions and governments where and as needed.

He also works with business looking to invest in Romania and wish to have comprehensive due diligence backgrounds on their potential Romanian partners. Like enhanced due diligence this required a detailed knowledge of the commercial and economic landscapes of not just Romania but all of Eastern Europe.

Languages, Romanian, Ukrainian and Russian – Proficient, English and French Intermediate.

Gamal V. Newry

Nassau, Bahamas

Mr. Newry studied Law and Criminal Justice at the College of the Bahamas and Risk Crisis and Disaster Management at the University of Leicester. He has also attended numerous trainings and courses around the world. Newry has also presented on numerous topics as they relate to security management, safety and disaster recovery and is a regular columnist for the Bahamas Weekly and The Tribune Newspaper where he shares his insight on corporate and business asset protection solutions.

Mr. Newry is an International expert in the area of security and loss prevention, and has done numerous consulting, training and investigative assignments. He has headed and developed policy and procedures for hospitals, major real estates and gated communities, and banks in the Bahamas. Mr. Newry has vast experience in the development security policy and procedures along with comprehensive training programs relating to fraud, background investigations, disaster management, business continuity, and crime risk management.

Mr. Newry also held design and implement several enhanced due diligence policy, procedures and investigations for domestic and international banks. The idea is all of these is where know your customer becomes an active discipline not a static one.

He has over 25 years martial arts experience, and more than fifteen of these years as the lead instructor of police orientated self-defense skills for the Royal Bahamas Police Force, Mr. Newry has taught instructor classes and hand to hand combat strategies for all agencies of the Bahamas Ministry of National Security. He holds the rank of Inspector in the Bahamian Police Reserves and is a tactical instructor and advisor for their elite Strike Force. He has trained with numerous special military and police units in Canada, Taiwan and the United States in diverse disciplines including special weapons and tactics (SWAT), officer survival and safety, use of force management, and less than lethal force. Mr. Newry has black belts in Karate, Jujutsu and Judo, and also teaches the Russian Martial Art of Systema.

Mr. Newry is a member of the American Society of Industrial Security and the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, and represents the International Foundation for Protection Officers and Business Continuity Institute in the Bahamas.

Languages – English and some Patois/Creole

James Kpakpoe Acquaye

Accra, Ghana

He holds an Executive Master’s Degree in Business Administration (Project Management Option) awarded by the University of Ghana(UGBS) and a Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree (Social Sciences) awarded by the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST – Kumasi).

Mr. James Kpakpoe Acquaye has a rich experience in security which spans over a period of over a decade. He began his security career as a Surveillance Detective when he was employed to be part of a team of detectives on the United States Local Guard Force Program Ghana (USLGP) during which he received various training and skills development in surveillance detection. The Ghana Police Service administration realised his potential in that area of intelligence gathering and employed him as an undercardet in the year 2006. As a Senior Police Officer (Deputy Superintendent of Police – DSP). Mr. Acquaye received training in Police Management and took part in various courses in Intelligence gathering, investigations and marine policing. He also held various positions as a Senior Police Officer in departments such as the Intelligence gathering and analysis Unit (PORD), Crime Investigations (CID), Marine Police Unit and Police Operations. He is noted for his ability to conduct building vulnerability analysis, route analysis, fire security and advice in the use of security systems, defensive driving skills/techniques and other procedures to foster and improve general safety and security.

Mr. James Kapkpoe Acquaye is currently the Head of Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Security for First Capital Plus Bank. His 4 years’ experience with the bank has further added up to his expertise in security in the area of banking and in Anti-Money Laundering Compliance. He has received enormous training in the area of Money Laundering, Risk Management, Compliance, Security/fraud detection, e-crimes and participated in various seminars, courses and workshops both local and international. He is credited for setting up the AML & Security Department of the Bank and ensured that all necessary structures as per the AML Act 2008, FATF recommendations, and other Bank of Ghana (BOG) and Financial Intelligence Centre guidelines (FIC) are in place to ensure compliance. He is currently a Certified Anti Money Laundering Specialist (CAMLS) and a member of the International Association of Financial Management (INTERFIMA); he is a Certified AML Specialist (National Banking College – Ghana) and also a Certified Bank Fraud and Security Management Specialist.

Languages – English