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About FEE Inc – Financial Examinations & Evaluations Training


Training for Financial Services Firms and Corporations

FE&E, Inc. can help by working with your firm to collaboratively provide training that is specifically tailored to your industry and to the needs of your business. Our unique experiences and focused skill sets allow us to provide training that is on target and that provides the practical depth necessary to not only address program objectives but to actually thwart the effects of financial crime.

Training is available either on-site or via targeted web-based seminars to help you meet both the regulatory compliance and risk management objectives of your firm as well as allow your employees to gain practical insights into matters that will reduce your firm’s vulnerabilities related to:

  • Anti Money Laundering processes, procedures and practice
  • Customer Information Programs
  • Sanctions Compliance Programs
  • Due Diligence Processes and Practices
  • Executive and Key Employee Background Screening
  • Fraud Identification and Detection
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Occupational Fraud & Abuse

Corporations also face numerous risks and vulnerabilities from fraud or other criminal activities which adversely impacts the business, either as a result of the actual behavior itself or from the reputational harm associated with the suspected activity.

Many corporate organizations face significant risk from both internal and external sources – whether from employees perpetrating an action for personal gain, to entities who take advantage of a firm’s intellectual property and critical information, or from external threats by those who perpetrate physical breaches to the technological infrastructure of the organization.

These services have and are provided on 6 continents.