A Guru in Zimbabwe

A Guru In Zimbabwe It seems I made the Press in Zimbabwe here are links to the two stories. http://www.herald.co.zw/category/articles/business/ http://zimbabwe-today.com/financial-guru-headed-zim/ You know you are … Read More

Sale Side Due Diligence

Sale Side Due Diligence I was asked to contribute to an article on Sale Side Due Diligence. It is an overlooked fact that businesses who take the time to prepare for the eventual sale and prepare themselves through … Read More

SMEs Expanding Internationally

SMEs Expanding Internationally face many know challenges, we call those Elephants Risks, because everyone can see them. The SMEs also face devastating unknown risk I call the Persistent Termite Risks. Here is a … Read More

NY Post Quote

John Byrne of the New York Post is an excellent investigative journalist and is pursuing this case with a great deal of  success it should be interesting to see the ultimate fallout from this disaster.  He was … Read More

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