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Development of AML Programs

Development of AML -Anti-Money Laundering- Programs


FE&E, Inc. works, through development banks, with central banks to develop  AML / CTF regulatory compliance programs.

Anti Money Laundering for Financial Institutions and other Financial Gatekeepers

The definition of financial gatekeeper is expanding, and includes brokerage firms, attorneys, auditors, external accountants, tax advisors, real estate agents, and dealers in valuable goods where large cash payments are made. FE&E, Inc. works with financial gatekeepers both to help establish compliance protocols, as independent testors of their AML/CTF procedures, and by providing financial due diligence outside their home jurisdictions.

FE&E, Inc. works with financial institutions and other financial gatekeepers to provide AML training and consulting, financial due diligence outside their home jurisdictions, and as part of the enhanced due diligence team.

FE&E, Inc. can work with you to build a program – or revise an existing program – that will meet two goals.