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Banking and Financial Services

Banking and Financial Services

FE&E, Inc. has worked with Banks, Investment Banks, Custodial Banks, Fund Managers, and Insurance Companies, both domestic and international, in North America, Europe, The Middle East, The CIS Sates, Africa, and Offshore Financial Centers with;


AML Protocols and Training

AML is an ever evolving game of cat and mouse to see if the bad guys can outwit the good guys. We stay on top of the trends in money laundering so you can stay ahead of them too.


Due Diligence and KYC Protocols and Training

A vast majority of fines and sanctions could have been avoided with proper due diligence and KYC procedures. Designed correctly these procedures are a revenue-enhancing feature for a bank and a powerful risk mitigation tool.


Due Diligence Professional Certification

Due Diligence is no longer a thing people do, it is a credentialed field and we can train you professionals and have them earn a DDE or a DDP from the International Due Diligence Organization.


Anti Fraud Measures for Retail and Investment Banking

Between ID theft, account takeovers, ATM skimming, phishing and the myriad of ways people can access their account, or someone else’s, it seems the fraudsters are always one step ahead. We have designed and implemented information sharing and procedural process to help limit fraud losses. Our ongoing advisory keeps our clients in the loop as to what scheme they can expect next.


CRA Program Evaluations

The OCC CRA review is composed of conflicting ideals. The CRA creates incentives for banks to make loans to marginal borrowers likely to have problems, which can translate into losses for lenders. Many contend that the CRA is not generating sufficient incentives to increase credit availability to qualified LMI borrowers. We can help your bank understand how to navigate the edge between the two points and be compliant.


Risk Identification and Management

While no one has seen or dealt with everything our breath of experience has been able to help so many understand risks from customers, lines of business, suppliers, and systemic issues that can go unseen.


Sanctions Matters

Sanctions compliance is a multi-faceted process built upon effective information from good due diligence and KYC programs to help banks and financial institution from dealing with these people, companies or countries that are under sanctions of one form or another form this or that jurisdiction or another.



For the international community FATCA, obtaining a GIIN number, and developing effective compliance and reporting seems like a daunting task. But, once separated and clearly identified, US tax responsible parties can be dealt with in clear and concise fashions. Remember, if you have custody of funds, even as a central treasury function or an escrow service – you need a GIIN number.


Anti-Corruption and PEP Identification Measures

Enough cannot be said about the evils of corruption of the pain and suffering delivered to the citizens of corrupt countries, states and cities. Failure in the identification of the PEP and corrupt practices are now not just an anathema but expose the financial institutions and the individuals in management to both civil monetary penalties and criminal convictions. Anti-Corruption and early PEP identification is key to keeping your firm informed and ready.



Our services are offered from training and certification events to ongoing consulting services and a bit of everything in between. Please feel free to call and ask any questions at all.