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Asset Location & Recovery


FE&E, Inc. is a leading international firm that works with law firms in asset location and asset recovery. We have been supporting domestic and international law firms, and their clients in asset location and asset recovery since 1991.
We know how frustrating chasing fraudsters can be. Finding people who are hiding assets takes skill and experience, it takes a specialist. FE&E, Inc. excels in locating hidden assets.

  • Our advanced methods translate into faster, more accurate information, and faster recovery. Time is money. The faster assets are identified, and the recovery process started, the better the odds of recovery.
  • Thorough research translates into more places to affect a recovery. There may be more than one place to collect. We can search locally, nationally, and often internationally to find assets to further your recovery.

Through the years, we have developed proprietary processes and methods that help produce results.

We also know the old, sue get a judgment and than loo for assets just does not work in large matters.  Their are advanced ways to find and freeze assets before the assets go missing once again.

Location of missing and concealed assets ( asset recovery )

All asset location situations require specific skills and abilities, including an ability to understand competing interests. The ability to work toward cooperation where appropriate and to maximize recovery for the victims is what defines success. Recovery of missing assets requires participation of appropriately skilled and experienced counsel. Recovery efforts are best started early, and are best done with minimum publicity. Forensic in nature, such financial investigations are designed to reveal, quantify, and help recover from some form of wrongdoing, in contrast to due diligence investigations, which are predominantly designed to avoid problems.

Areas requiring location of concealed assets include:

Financial Fraud   •   White Collar Crime   •   High-Value Divorce Proceedings

(Please see our article Location of Hidden Assets in Divorce Proceedings in the March 2000 issue of ÆGIS e-journal.)